The Union of Concerned Scientists is None of These…

By January 6, 2007Global Warming

The gadflies at the so-called “Union of Concerned Scientists” are at it again this week, trying once gain to intimidate anyone who dares question the flawed gospel of global warming. We won’t dignify their latest attacks with a link. You can Google it if you care.

But here’s the irony: as we’ve pointed out in this space, the Union of Concerned Scientists is not a union, they don’t appear all that concerned about anything other than their self-perpetuation and the group is not made up of scientists. This is what’s called in common parlance a misnomer. The reporters who appear all too willing to do their bidding ought to do a little homework instead.

While we’re at it, let us add that if in fact the Union was made up of real scientists, wouldn’t they be interested enough in the scientific method that they’d want this shaky theory tested — scientifically? They’re not interested. They’re not scientists.

So next time you read some pronouncement from some random group like this, ask yourself who they are and what their agenda may be. In this case, it’s a group of non-scientists with a political agenda. Unfortunately, “A Group of Non-Scientists With a Political Agenda” doesn’t have the same ring to it.

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  • Rationality says:

    Is every single person who works for the National Association of Manufacturers a manufacturer? If not, then maybe it should change it’s name, too.

    If you resort to attacking the name of the organization that put out the report, you probably don’t have much an argument against what’s in the report itself. Pretty lame.