The Trial Lawyers Who Stole Winter

By January 4, 2007Briefly Legal

News from Omaha today is that sledding is now verboten because of fear of lawsuits.

Here’s an excerpt from the Omaha World Herald:

Omaha is banning sledding at the Zorinsky and Cunningham Lake dams, which are both popular sledding spots. It is also banning ice skating and ice fishing on frozen ponds and lagoons in city parks. The move is in response to a court decision that resulted in public entities being liable for injuries that occur at public parks and other recreation facilities.

First came the enviro-grinches who stole Christmas, and now the Trial Lawyers who are prying the Flexible Flyers out the cold (living!) hands of our children. Thanks, guys!

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  • john sheibal says:

    Lawyers have taken over our rights and given them to criminals and to many people who want to get something for nothing. What crumbs many of them are. You can’t do hardly anything anymore without fear of being sued or arrested. The sad thing is, criminals seem to have much less to fear than we the people or the victums. Shame on the greedy slimebags. “Gee, I think I can win this case. Even though this person doesn’t really deserve the type of money I am going after, man, it will make me a bundle- and as for the company or the Government that I’m going to drain the money out of, they can afford it.” That’s how these crumbs think. They are using the system to steal money. Shame on them!