The President Opens More US Resources

By January 10, 2007Energy

In a move that can only make US manufacturers more competitive by allowing us to tap our own resources, the President has signed an order expanding access to more than 11 million additional acres of the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) — in the North Aleutian Basin and in the Southern Gulf. Energy champion Rep. John Peterson (R-PA) said in a statement, “To be sure, any and all available sources of domestic energy the president can help us free up will make a difference – just ask any manufacturer.” We wholeheartedly agree, and he’s a guy who totally gets it.

Peterson noted that “at least 200 million barrels of oil and 5 trillion cubic feet of natural gas are estimated to lie beneath Bristol Bay’s federal waters, the development of which, according to the Interior Department, could produce up to 11,500 new jobs in Alaska alone.”

In addition to the North Aleutian Basin, the President also opened up a few million acres in the Southern Gulf of Mexico knowns as the “Lease 181″ area.

This is a welcome coda to the energy bill passed at the end of the last Congress, and will be welcome news to every manufacturer in the US. Our competitors are tapping their resources, while 85% of ours is under a federal moratorium. This move by the President and the energy bill passed in the waning days of the 109th Congress will help move us toward a more rational energy policy, one less in the grip of the radical environmental movement.

Here’s a link to a fact sheet put out by the non-partisan Minerals Management Service, a branch of the US Department of the Interior.