Stephanie Harkness, Manufacturing Champion

By January 26, 2007General

sh.jpg That’s our friend and NAM Board member Stephanie Harkness there on the left. She’s a small manufacturer and CEO of Pacific Plastics and Engineering in Soquel, California. Stephanie is one of those great small manufacturers that we like to point to that is squarely in the global game.

Well, local TV station KGO aired this story on her on Wednesday night, touting the fact that plastics manufacturing is still alive and well — thank you — in the United States. You should watch this video once with the sound “on” and then once with the sound “off” and just behold the scenes of her plant. It should puncture any pre-conceived notions you have of what the inside of a manufacturing facility looks like. It’s clean and very high-tech. You’ll learn from the video of Stephanie’s competitive advantages: reliability, quality and speed to the customer. These are qualities shared by most US manufacturers, the best in the world.

Congrats to Stephanie for getting an “A” on her screen test. We are proud of her and all she represents — the best in American manufacturing, still alive and well.

Click here to read the transcript or to watch this 3-minute story.