SOTU Preview

By January 23, 2007General

Here’s what we’ve picked up so far:

The President will acknowledge it’s a Democrat-controlled Congress, will be calling on Dems to work with him, put politics aside, work together.


  • Health Care: See prior posts and this White House fact sheet.
  • Energy: President will present the “20/10 Plan” — to reduce dependency on gas by 20 percent in 10 years. This includes:
    More research into alternative fuels
    Step up domestic oil production — in an environmentally safe way
    Double the size of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve
    Encourage the use of alternative fuels

  • Spending:
  • Spending restraint
    Earmark reform
    Balanced budget
    Entitlement reform — Social Security

  • Education:
  • Re-authorization of No Child Left Behind
    Close “achievement gap” between those who excel and those who don’t
    Make sure all students perform at grade level in grades 3-8

  • Immigration:
  • Secure borders
    Enhance Interior and Workplace enforcement
    Temporary Worker Program
    Promote assimilation without amnesty or animosity

  • Judicial Nominees
  • President has duty to appoint, judges will call on the Senate to have fair hearings and a timely up or down vote.

    UPDATE (By Carter Wood, 3:15 p.m.) The Wall Street Journal’s Political Diary, available today on-line, includes John Fund’s report on a Karl Rove conference call with reporters. Alternative fuels garners attention.

    And more from USA Today:

    Bush, in a speech emphasizing domestic issues over Iraq, plans to say that the gasoline reductions can be met mainly by increasing sharply the use of ethanol and other alternative fuels, Joel Kaplan, White House deputy chief of staff, told reporters in a briefing.

    Kaplan says the president is proposing to set the amount of ethanol and other alternative fuels that must be blended into the fuel supply at 35 billion gallons by 2017, up from 7.5 billion gallons in 2012. He also wants to expand the standard to include not just ethanol but a wide range of oil alternatives, such as biodiesel, methanol, butanol and hydrogen, Kaplan said.