Pelosi Reaches Out to Bloggers

By January 31, 2007General

Here’s an item off of the AP wire: Speaker Nancy Pelosi is apparently reaching out to bloggers and is thinking of starting her own blog. Just what we need, more bloggers.

Our friend John Aravosis of is quoted in the article as saying of the politicians warming to blogs, “They’ve gone from an initial writing blogs off, then moving to skepticism, then moving to, ‘OK, maybe we can find a way of working with these guys.'” Aravosis adds, “It’s a power base and it’s influential and it’s an opportunity. And you know what? It exists.” However, he rightly cautions, “It should only scare you if you’re on their bad side.” Inside joke to Aravosis: Just ask Deborah Howell….

So we welcome Speaker Pelosi to the blogosphere. For some reason we were not invited on her initial call with bloggers. As we’ve said in this space many times, we are bi-partisan, would welcome — and accept — the invitation.,0,6756471.story?coll=sns-ap-politics-headlines