Our North Dakota Friends Weigh In on Climate Change

By January 13, 2007Global Warming

Just a week ago we were wandering the grounds of Fort Washington, Md., taking in the 70+ degrees, sunny skies and beautiful view of the Potomac. The Washington Post ran a nice if unsurprising feature story the next day reporting on people’s enjoyment of the unseasonable weather, headlined “Seldom Heard in January: Hot Enough for Ya?”

Well, the predictable, puritanical scolds responded with letters of didactic outrage (we assume), and the Post’s editors selected a sample for publication today:

I’m shocked that The Post would run a prominent front-page story on the freakish 73-degree January heat and relegate the real news — that it may or may not be connected to global warming — to the 23rd paragraph, choosing to focus instead on jolly sun worshipers out in their cars, cramming area parking lots …

The facetious “end of the world” story in Style the same day [“March in January! Or Is It Mayday?”] hardly made up for the omission. Whether Jan. 6’s weather blip was the direct result of El Niño or a larger warming trend, it still serves as a visceral reminder of what we’re doing to our planet with our careless, do-nothing approach to global warming. It would be so refreshing to read that locals chose to spend this balmy day planting carbon-trapping trees or running errands on foot, rather than firing up their convertibles, golf carts and gas grills and contributing further to this depressing phenomenon.

Sigh. To you, Madam Letter Writer from Oakton, we offer one word: