Moore’s Law: Manufacturers Continue to Drive Innovation

By January 28, 2007General

Moore’s Law, posited by Intel co-founder Gordon Moore, says that computing power doubles every 18 months. With manufacturers at the leading edge of innovation, incredibly, Moore’s Law continues to remain true.

The latest development comes from Intel and — separately — IBM together with AMD who last night announced advances in “high-k material” which allows them to build smaller, more efficient transistors in microprocessors. The net effect, of course is ever-larger computing power for ever-smaller devices. According to this WaPo story, the 45-nanometer transistor is so small that “more than 300 can fit on a red blood cell.”

So let the uninformed continue to write the benediction and the eulogy for US manufacturing. The truth is, we continue to be the most innovative sector in the US economy, and in the world.