Going for the Law and Order Vote

By January 28, 2007Culture and Entertainment

Just a little gossipy aside from last night’s sessions at the National Review Institute’s summit. At the beginning of his dinner remarks, Gov. Mitt Romney recognized two well-known politicians from the podium. First, Rep. Pete Hoekstra, R-Mich., who has signed on as Romney’s intelligence advisor.

Second, Fred Dalton Thompson, former attorney, former U.S. Senator from Tennessee, famed actor and current star of Law & Order. Thompson has been a little more in the news outside TV lately, filling in for Paul Harvey and writing for the National Review. Given the screediness of Law & Order scripts over the last few years, perhaps Thompson is looking a new role. Glad-handing politician isn’t apparently one of them, though; he bolted as soon as Romney’s speech was over.

Oh, wait, now. We need a manufacturing connection to justify this post, don’t we? How about this? Thompson played the factory boss in a 1989 episode of Roseanne! Gruff but kind-hearted, if we recall correctly. Like so many great American manufacturing executives.