From The National Review Summit

By January 28, 2007Culture and Entertainment

The National Review Institute’s summit has just concluded at the J.W. Marriott (as noted by the Blogger-in-Chief in this and this post). More in just a bit, but two immediate thoughts:

  • Mark Steyn is the funniest man working in showbiz today (funny AND intelligent). Rob Long’s pretty amusing himself. They joined the National Review’s Jonah Goldberg at a late-night meeting of the conservative comedy commentariat yesterday. Look for the tapes!
  • Post-speech Q&A sessions should probably be redesignated RLSRCMIWGLQ&A. You know, for Really Long Self-Reverential Commentary and Maybe If We Get Lucky a Question & Answer sessions. Whew.
  • Anyway, much of interest, some of it relevant for a blog about manufacturing and free markets. We’ll follow up with thoughts about presidential candidates and former governors, Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney.