Friday Follies: We’re Breakin’ Up, Cap’n!

By January 26, 2007Friday Follies

Friday Follies Every week around about Thursday, our little blog crew sifts through the detritus sent to us by both our avid blog readers, to try to figure out which one should inhabit the vaunted space of “Friday Follies” that you are now reading. Since our little team spans many generations, there is often a difference of opinion about what is funny. Stuff the blogger-in-chief finds hilarious will often get the “lame” title from the blogger’s apprentice.

Well, this week we have Carter Wood to thank. He’s kinda ageless, defies generations. He came up with this little tidbit, a comedy troupe known as the “Taysiders” (Tayside” was once an area in Scotland) that does an entire Star Trek spoof in a thick Scottish burr. Truth is, we have almost no idea what they’re saying but Carter and the blogger-in-chief cough up a lung every time they watch it. The blogger’s apprentice still thinks it’s lame.

Click on the video below and see for yourself. Funny or lame? You be the judge, laddy.