Friday Follies: Ban Di-Hydrogen Monoxide!

By January 12, 2007Friday Follies

Friday Follies

Thanks to one of our two regular blog readers for sending this one along. We were going to post it last week, but then M-Law issued its “Wacky Warning Labels,” so we decided to go with that instead.

This video is as timeless as the Wacky Warning Labels was timely. It is a bit by Penn and Teller, some earnest folks out getting signatures on their petition to ban di-hydrogen monoxide. Nasty stuff. It’s everywhere, from what you eat to the water you drink. It’s found in reservoirs and lakes, as you’ll hear in the video.

This is a funny bit but it also makes a good point about the hysteria surrounding some other pseudo-enviro “scares.” Says Penn Gillette, “Is passion supposed to replace common sense?” We wonder the same thing.

He riffs a little bit more: “It’s sexy to save the world, but you gotta spend a couple of minutes to find out if you’re really saving the world and not just being herded around by some politically-motivated [folks] who may not really care that much about the environment but see this as a chance to raise some money for whatever they think is a good idea.” As he says in conclusion, “No end justifies the means of lying.”

We agree with that, too. Click on the video above to see this week’s Friday Follies. And lay off the di-hydrogen monoxide!