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cereal.jpgBack in June of 2005 when we started Cool Stuff Being Made, we wanted to find something that would bring people to visit our blog on a Saturday. As we got more established, we heard from parents who would often wake up in the morning and watch out videos as the first order of business while preparing breakfast.

Well, today, you can prepare that breakfast while you watch how breakfast cereal is made. Today, we are taking you on a 21-minute tour of Homestat Farm, located in Highspire, Pennsylvania to see how Wheatena cereal is made. Here’s a short synopsis of what you are about to see:

First manufacturered in 1879 on Mulberry Street in New York City, Wheatena is an all natural product. It contains the germ, bran and endosperm of Red Winter Wheat, which is grown in Pennsylvania and Maryland.

The wheat is first milled and then added to these gigantic 2,000 pound pans where the contents are cooked and roasted for about three hours.

The pan itself is heated to abount 720 degrees Fahrenheit. By the time the wheat has completed the vooking process, it has been heated to around 320 degrees with a rotating agitating blade keeping the product from burning onto the pan. Testing and quality control follow and the pan is emptied and the product is cooled.

In a typical 10-hour shift, this plant can roast around 48,000 pounds of wheat a day.

Later, the processed wheat is sent to a filling room where a rotary sifter is used to screen out any chunks or coarse material. After that, the product goes into a small silo where it is filled into boxes and packaged and sent into the warehouse management and distribution and then sold in restaurants or supermarkets for you to purcahse and enjoy.

The plant in Highspire, Pa can manufacturer 2400 – 2600 cases of the 22 oz. boxes of Wheatena everyday.

The making of Wheatena is remarkably simple but an incredibly efficient process. Click here to watch this week’s video and feel the manufacturing vibe.

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  • sondra rogers says:

    I have enjoyed Wheatena for many years. I was told by Raleys that they no longer carry it, due to the fact it is a discontinued cereal. Is this true? Sondra