Cool Stuff Being Made: How a Sleeper Mattress Is Made

mattress.jpgAs we’ve done every Saturday for almost two years now, we wake up, grab of glass of OJ and sit down to write the weekly installment of “Cool Stuff Being Made.” So this week, as we were looking what was in our inventory of videos we thought: ‘hey, why not show how the mattress that we just spent eight-or-so hours sleeping on is made?’ So there you have it. This week, we visit Lemoyne, PA to see how a Lemoyne Sleeper Mattress is made. While much of making a mattress involves a lot of fabric sewing, as you watch this video, you’ll be amazed to see how much of it isn’t done by hand anymore. Much of it is automated and requires skilled professionals to operate machines that communicate with other machines along the assembly line. In this 46 minute video, we follow company President Jerry Pearlman around as he provides an in depth tour of that various manufacturing steps and processes that are used to make over 30 different types of mattresses his company offers. You’ll see:

Quilting and sewing of the covers and panels
Adding of the mattress border
Flanging, bobbing and threading
Sewing of box spring covers and borders
Adding mattress handles
Loosening the springs and adding the right number according to the customers specifications

If some of these processes sound foreign to you, then you’ll just have to click here to feel the mattress manufacturing vibe! Oh, and while you’re at it, go ahead and jump on your mattress just one more time, we won’t tell Mom!

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  • Henry Ulgen says:

    This is a very old way of mattress manufacturing. In Australia we build/re-design our plants to be highly automated