Consumer Electronics Show, Day Two

By January 9, 2007Innovation

ces2007.jpgHere’s more from Peggy Ireland’s visit to the CES show:

When I walked into the Sands there was a crowd at the Taser International booth where Playboy Bunnies were helping to get the word out about the new Taser C2 personal protection device. The units, scheduled to begin shipping in April 2007, incorporate a new SureCheck technology that prevents them from being activated until the end user successfully completes a background check from the privacy of their home.

But the Playboy Bunnies weren’t the only personalities there attracting attention. Not too far away I ran into the “Good Witch” from the Wizard of Oz trying to draw my attention to TV2ART‘s screen that attaches to a flat screen tv to create a “work of art” using the television as the engine.

And of course as I am safely enjoying the new art work in my home I might as well be using iRobot’s roomba or scooba to be cleaning the house up for me. Or better still I can have my own customized robot using their newly released programmable iRobot Create. Each year it seems there are more and more robotics products that are functional and affordable for the end user.

An interesting device that I am hoping to test drive when I return to Washington is the Tornado manufactured by Data Drive Thru, Inc. Reasonably priced, in a very user friendly manner it allows you to connect two pcs and transfer data between them. And very cool, especially since Wednesday is going to be “Green Day” at CES, for those of you wanting to donate that computer after moving your files, they throw in a copy of pc erase to make sure that you are not leaving any of your confidential or proprietary data on the pc.

I caught part of the Pipelines Power Panel with leading cable, satellite and Telco execs including Virginia Ruesterholz, Verizon Telecom; Glenn Britt, Time Warner Cable; Charlie Ergen, EchoStar Communications Corporation and Chase Carey, DIRECTV, who discussed the state of content delivery. The moderator, Gary Shapiro, President of the Consumer Electronics Association, asked each person on the panel what one regulation they would like to see changed and it seemed all responded that they would like to see a level playing field so that they could compete based on what they are offering. Whether one is looking at cable, satellite, broadcast or telco, it seems each industry feels they are over-regulated and often those regulations are contrary to the consumer’s best interests in that they are hindering rather than encouraging competition.

D-Link is a company I have been familiar with for a long time but have always thought of them in relation to routers, switches, wireless access point but not necessarily storage. However I saw their DNS-323 2 bay storage device last night at Showstoppers and was quite impressed with its potential for small companies, SOHO or consumer use. I am anxious to head over to the convention center today and check out the DSN-3200 and DSN-3400.

There is a lot more that I saw yesterday on the show floor and at Showstoppers last night that I want to tell you about. Alas, it is time to head back to the show floor. I’ve heard there is an ipod toilet paper dispenser worth seeing.