Consumer Electronics Show, Day 3

By January 10, 2007Innovation

ces2007.jpgHere is the third installment of Peggy Ireland’s visit to the CES show in Las Vegas:

Time has really been flying this week with so much to see at the 2007 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). It is hard to believe it is already Green Wednesday. I was pleased to see that today is Environmental Awareness day at CES. In fact this morning is the official launch of

It is wonderful to see Dell, hp and other leaders in the electronics industry make it simpler for the consumer to dispose of equipment in an environmentally sound manner. In fact in his keynote
yesterday, Michael Dell carried the commitment to the environment a step further and proposed that we plant trees in an effort to mitigate the environmental impact of using computing equipment.

I’ve seen so many interesting and diverse things in the last few days it is hard to describe in any orderly fashion, so I am just going to mention a few items and companies who have caught my eye.

I want my EncryptaKey today! I’ve lived with identity theft on just a small scale and it wasn’t fun. The EncryptaKey solution verifies an individual’s identity and protects personal data by creating a secure environment in which to conduct digital transactions. It allows the consumer to use the same device for both online and point of sale transactions.

This definitely worth taking a look.

Speaking of things catching my eye, but of course no pun intended here, Thomas DeWinter with the IRIS Technology Division of LG Electronics U.S.A, Inc. was on site to explain and demonstrate how this cutting edge technology works. The iris which is the colored part of the eye is unique for each eye and in fact more unique than a thumbprint. LG’s Eye Scan Technology will work as far as 14 inches away and will even scan through your contacts or sunglasses. Its obvious uses include any area where high security is desirable such as data
centers, essential infrastructure, travel, pharmaceutical and medical, etc.

LG Electronics U.S.A., Inc. was formerly Zenith Sales Corporation and exhibited in the very first CES in New York City in 1967. Their “Life’s Good” included a Full HD 102″ Plasma TV that was quite impressive.

And as if 102″ is not enough Panasonic‘s Living in High Definition display had not one but eight 103″ plasma tvs. Panasonic announced at CES that they will be bringing High Definition to life at Planet Hollywood including 32 65-inch panel video wall, 15 103″ plasma HDTVs and 5,000 guest room plasma HDTVs.  Panasonic, by the way was also at CES in 1967 under the name Matsushita Electric Corporation.

ARC Audio, the “Positive Listening Positive Thinking” folks, in addition to their audio equipment, had an amazing collection of cars on display including the Batmobile from the 1966 Batman TV show, a 1950 Ford Woodie and the Monkees Mobile.

If you want to listen a bit more quietly, Able Planet‘s Clear Harmony Noise Canceling Headphones won one of six Innovations Design and Engineering Awards going to the company from the CES. “We are extremely honored to be recognized by the Consumer Electronics Association and to receive these prestigious Innovations Awards,” said Kevin Semcken, President and CEO. “Able Planet and its strategic partners are rapidly expanding LINX AUDIO™ product lines to enable people with all levels of hearing to live more full and enriched lifestyles.”

There is no getting away from the growing gaming market at CES, but even for someone like me who is not a gamer and doesn’t really understand it, it is apparent that gaming is having an impact on other areas of our lives. Certainly it has an influence on the advances in processor technology we are seeing from Intel and AMD. Its influence on the Windows VISTA is obvious.

And even a company like TDVison Systems who holds a number of 3-D related patents and manufactures a TDVisor that one has to see to believe, has expanded their target market to include medical, military and security in addition to gaming and digital entertainment.

Speaking of Windows VISTA, a real WOW is Windows SideShow. Windows Sideshow involves an auxiliary display on a laptop and allows you to access key information on your laptop such as appointments, notes, and seeing what email has come in without turning your laptop on.

And while we are talking about Microsoft, as much as I have tried to ignore “community” it is a fact of life in the online world and Microsoft is definitely there with Windows Live. It spans from “Your Relationships” to “Your Safety” to “Your Business” with Microsoft Office Live.

For those of us worried about managing our ever increasing libraries of multi-media files, CMS Products, a leader in content management and data back up technologies, offers copy2go, a storage solution and copy2go Professional, a software solution which searches all storage devices to find and present multi-media files. “Because of the explosive growth of irreplaceable digital photos, video, music and documents stored on computers today, we developed copy2go as a media management tool,” said Ken Burke, president, CMS Products.

Well, once again I am out of time today but I’ll be back tomorrow with more of my CES experience.