Climate — or Weather — Update

By January 7, 2007Global Warming

It’s Sunday, a normally slow day so we figured we’d do a little roundup of some of the climate — or is it weather? — news out there. It’s so warm out here in the East, it’s got everyone talking about global warming. Remember, when it’s warm, it’s global warming but when it’s cold — as it was in Southern California last month — it’s only weather. Just ask ABC.

So the New-York-centric news bureaus have made much of the warmth there, ignoring — as Drudge points out — that it actually reached 70 degrees in New York City on Jan 14, 1932, in a three day burst of well-above average temps.

Down Under, in New Zealand, they just suffered through their coldest December in almost 80 years. Guess the globe is only warming in some places. We know all about the storms in Denver and the plains, but while the enviros carp about ice melting up north, Anchorage had record snowfall this week also.

So just be prepared for all the global warming stories. And remember, if it gets too warm where you are, just head to Denver or Anchorage or New Zealand, where they’d gladly take the warmth.

Oh, and just for yuks, here’s a story about global warming of yore, with lots of carbon dioxide, a few hundred thousand years before the internal combustion engine was invented. So what gives?