Business Blog Roundup

businessblogroundup2.jpgLast year at this time, IBM’s vice president of technical strategy and innovation predicted how influential the blogosphere would become: “Blogging, like the Web itself, will find its niche in the spectrum of communications we each use.” This year, he foresees visual interfaces and virtual worlds becoming integral to personal and corporate communications, as scientists “develop increasingly sophisticated visualization capabilities to be able to absorb and interact with the results of supercomputing simulations.”

Even now, millions of people spend hours per day (and spend real money, too) participating in on-line worlds such as Second Life and Habbo Hotel. IBM’s vice president of standards and open sources blogs about the immense potential for real-world profits in these virtual universes.

Back in the heyday of ‘Ole Blue Eyes, Sinatra fans knew their place: “It’s Frank’s world — we just live in it.” Today, the term Planet Google expresses how what began as just another search engine is remaking our world. The company’s recent acquisition of YouTube portends a role in the entertainment industry as great as its internet dominance. Just as significantly, the Google corporate blog recounts the expansion of its corporate blogging platform in 2006 to Russia, Mexico, Japan, China, and other major overseas markets. It Was a Very Good Year for Google, and The Best is Yet to Come.