Blogging from the Consumer Electronics Show, Day 4

By January 11, 2007Innovation

ces2007.jpgHere’s day four of Peggy Ireland’s visit to the CES show:

Well, it is the last day of CES and it would be impossible to touch upon all the interesting things I’ve seen.

And speaking of touching, I’m sure we’ve all seen sensor activated faucets by now, but iTouchless was displaying their Touch-Free EZ Faucet. It is an adaptor that will turn any existing faucet into an automatic sensor activated faucet without a plumber install. And to finish the task, they had a paper towel dispenser that sensed the break in a roll of paper towels and separated it for you.

Accessories for the ipod seemed to be ubiquitous, but perhaps that is just because I am a relatively new ipod owner. Even so, the iCarta + made by Atech Flash Technology caught my eye. It is a stereo dock with a bath tissue holder. Need I say more?

Playaway offers a collection of self-playing digital audio books. It comes with content already on it, a battery to make it play and earphones to plug in and enjoy. There is a long list of available selections ranging from John Grisham’s The Innocent Man to E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web.

The folks from Oralbotic Research, Inc. were at ShowStoppers demonstrating their HydraBrush. They say the HydraBrush does the work for you. Just gently bite down and guide the handle and your teeth will be brushed “perfectly” in 40
seconds or less to give you that picture pretty smile!

Speaking of pictures, how about having a camera with you wherever you go? GoPro‘s Digital Hero is a sports wrist camera that allows you to shoot digital photos on the fly. Its casing is shock-proof and waterproof to 100’ deep. The pictures and videos demoed were surprisingly good for a relatively inexpensive camera.

And if you need to scan those pictures, PlanOn System Solutions debuted their new and improved DocuPen R700+. The flash memory of the R700+ is increased to 4MB, offering you the ability to store up to 200 scanned documents. This is a portable, full page scanner that is about the size of a pen and weighs less than 2 ounces.

CarMD won the CES Innovations award for outstanding design and engineering in consumer electronics. Kristin Brocoff, marketing manager for CarMD said, “The CES Innovations Award validates our efforts and recognizes the many benefits that our multi-patented product provides — from inspecting a used car before buying, to determining why your car’s “Check Engine” light is on, and double-checking your mechanic’s repair estimates.” The device is small enough to easily fit in the glove compartment and will work on all 1996 and newer cars, light trucks, SUVs and minivans in the U.S.– foreign and domestic.

I’m out of time for now but I’ll be back this weekend with more details of what I’ve seen.