‘We need to see progress from China… and we need to see it soon’

By December 5, 2006Trade

Yesterday, our China Task Force met in order with Treasury Secretary Paulson, US Trade Rep Susan Schwab and Commerce Secretary Gutierrez, an ambitious and impressive schedule for any trade association. But we are the voice of manufacturing in Washington and it is a voice these Cabinet members want to hear. They are all off next week to attend the Strategic Economic Dialogue in Beijing and we wanted to visit with them and share our thoughts before they left.

Here’s a link to a pretty good report on the meeting by first-rate AP reporter Marty Crutsinger. In it, he quotes NAM President John Engler as saying, “We need to see progress from China on these issues and we need to see it soon.” The only small — but important — amendment we’d make to Cruitsinger’s piece is that he didn’t mention that half of the folks in the room were small manufacturers. You can see who’s on the Task Force and other information by clicking here. And here’s a link to our press release from today on the whirlwind tour.

Our policy on China is well-settled, and clear:

  • No currency manipulation;
  • No illegal subsidies;
  • Respect for intellectual property, copyrights and trademarks;
  • Compliance with WTO rules;
  • Export promotion.
  • Said Gov. Engler, “We had candid conversations about our views on China, the undervalued yuan and how to press the Chinese to accelerate its appreciation and move towards a market-determined currency. We also discussed strategic approaches to our trade relations with China that would result in mutual benefits for both the U.S. and China.”

    All in all, a pretty darned good day. You can also see some photos of the meetings by clicking here, here, View image, here, here, here, here