Viewing Our Competitive Edge

5is.jpgIn mid-November we congratulated our sister association, The Council on Competitiveness, on their 20th anniversary, which was feted at an all-day conference on innovation. The graphic to the left is from the Council’s anniversary program and accompanied the several blog entries we did about this exceptional conference.

One of the companies attending the program was Luminetx from Memphis, TN. What was really remarkable about this company is that it has invented a piece of equipment that can show your veins! They had several of these at the anniversary program and it is quite a leap forward for medical technicians who have to find a vein to take blood or adminster medicine, IVs, etc. I’d sure want my doctor to have one if I was in the hospital.

It’s called the Vein Viewer and it actually uses patented technologies to locate subcutaneous veins and project their image right on the skin. With an estimated billion venipunctures each year, many of them mulitple stabs to locate a vein, it’s clear to see the potential benefits of the Vein Viewer. For a short introductin tothis innovation, click here and for more about the company and its other products, click here.

U.S. manufacturing stays competitive only by creating a continuous stream of new products and processes like the Vein Viewer. For many companies, the renewal of the R&D tax credit by Congress a few days ago was a very important step. Kudos to the Luminetx Company for not only inventing this great new medical tool, but for also bringing it to Washington to demonstrate.