USA Today on the Manufacturing Skill Shortage

By December 6, 2006General

We’re owning the mainstream media these days — or at least it feels like it.

Did you see the story by Barbara Hagenbaugh on the front page of yesterday’s Business section of USA Today? It featured NAM member Electro Chemical Engineering and Manufacturing in Emmaus, Pennsylvania. They even quote from our recent study, where NAM members large and small complained about skill shortages. As it turns out, Lou Dobbs doesn’t believe it, but if he asked any manufacturer, he’d find out that it is true. These are good jobs with good pay and benefits and bright futures, but too many remained unfilled for want of skilled workers.

In any event, it’s a great story and pretty fully covers all aspects of the issue. Along the way they even manage a quote from our chief economist and fellow blogger Dave Huether. A good read.