Time’s ‘Person of the Year’: Whatever

By December 18, 2006General

In a smashing tribute to the “Whatever”, feel good, vanity generation, Time magazine has named “You” as it’s person of the year. That’s right, “You.” As in, “Hey — you — whaddaya lookin’ at?” We’re all so very, very proud.

‘If you choose an individual, you have to justify how that person affected millions of people,” said Time managing editor Richard Stengel, in this article, “But if you choose millions of people, you don’t have to justify it to anyone.”

If this doesn’t shake your faith in every other cover story they do, we don’t know what will. The “Person of the Year” cover shows a white keyboard with a mirror for a computer screen, so you can see you reflection. Get it? You’re the bomb. We love ya baby. Now will you buy our magazine?

The blogger’s apprentice pointed out that we all should scurry to update our resumes today to include our latest achievement. Gotta admit, it’ll look pretty good. In fact, why not leave off the year, just say, “Joe Schmedlap, Time Magazine’s Person of the Year.” If that doesn’t get you the job, we don’t know what will. Grab your cell phone camera and take a picture of the cover with your reflection and bingo, you’re a star. We’re guessing Al Gore and John Edwards are doing that right now.

Much will no doubt be written about this, but it just strikes us as one of the lamest, dopiest choices ever made by the magazine that touted global cooling as the next big thing back in the 70’s. Guess they didn’t have to justify that to anyone, either.

Congratulations to you all. You know who you are.