This Week on America’s Business

By December 15, 2006General

Americas Business with Mike HambrickChina looms large as both a competitor and customer for manufacturers in the U.S., and host Mike Hambrick examines the related pros and cons in a far-reaching interview with Washington Post and Newsweek columnist Robert J. Samuelson. This timely discussion takes place as a high-level Administration delegation — led by Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson — travels to Beijing for the inaugural meeting of the U.S.-China Economic Dialogue.

The 109th Congress has just departed Washington, and reviewing the session’s record on issues important to the manufacturing economy is Jay Timmons, NAM’s senior vice president for policy and government relations.

There are some major strides on health care information technology to report, and Intel Chairman Craig Barrett joins Mike to explain a pioneering new program in Health IT.

Renee Giachino of The American Justice Partnership scores the Legally Insane and introduces us to the Tort Reform Goat of the Week.

Our regular features highlight the “Factory Floor” of Edison Price Lighting in Queens, N.Y.; the NAM’s Hank Cox recalls “The Way it Was”; and NAM President John Engler offers his thoughts in “The Last Word.”

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