The Times Gets it a Little Bit Right

By December 21, 2006General

Yesterday’s editorial in the New York Times entitled, “Talking at the Chinese” had plenty to dispute, but this last line was a grabber:

“Whatever China does or does not do, the United States has to cure its own ills. It should start by admitting that most of its problems are of its own making.”

We happen to agree. NAM President John Engler has long said that “nobody in Brussels or Beijing” has loaded on a 32% cost disadvantage for US manufacturers in areas like legal costs, energy costs and taxes. No, we did that to ourselves.

We have been at the forefront of pushing China to re-evaluate its currency, a long and sometimes frustrating process. But while we continue to push China, we need to push the US Congress on our agenda, to make sure we get our own house in order, control the costs that we can control.