The Impact of Legal Reform: This’ll Break Your Heart

By December 15, 2006Briefly Legal

Not sure how we missed this when our colleague Larry Fineran sent it around last month, but it’s priceless and will warm your hearts this Holiday season.

We noted here that because of passage of the Class Action Fairness Act that Madison County — a “Judicial Hellhole” — has seen a dramatic drop-off in cases filed. Well, it gets better. According to this story in St., things have gotten so bad in Madison County that they are going to have to freeze hiring and may even have to lay off staff.

“We have lost lots of asbestos (lawsuit) money,” County Board Chairman Alan Dunstan is quoted as saying, “Asbestos cases are way down.” Aw, c’mon, you’re breaking our hearts!

Next thing you know, some of these trial lawyers will have to start selling off their airplanes…