Some Final Thoughts on the 109th Congress and Manufacturers

By December 11, 2006General

As we have noted below, the 109th Congress ended with a bit of a bang as far as the manufacturing agenda was concerned, accomplishing many long-awaited items. Among these were opening our own resources to exploration, extending the research and development tax credit, opening markets to manufacturers, extending some tax cuts, and others. Like college students crashing to complete term papers on the day the semester ends, all of this ended up being completed after 4 a.m. on Saturday. So be it.

But the lesson we take away from this is that none of this would have happened without the tremendous activism from manufacturers around the country. We know that many of you weighed in through the links provided here on the blog and many through the NAM website in general. At the end of the day, there were strong bipartisan majorities for these various items, and that’s a great lesson for us going into the 110th.

When the 110th convenes, it will look very different from the 109th, but manufacturing will look the same. The issues and challenges we face will be the same in January as they are in December. We need to continue to tell our story with our Members of Congress, Republicans and Democrats alike, so at the end of the day we garner a majority of votes in the House and the Senate. As we have said to so many reporters who have called and asked the question about how we plan to face the 110th, our agenda is not a Republican agenda or a Democrat agenda but a manufacturing agenda. What’s good for manufacturing is good for America.

We have seen in the closing days of the 109th that when manufacturers speak with one voice we can make a difference. We must remember that as the 110th convenes. Faced with the stiffest global competition the world have ever seen, we will need the voice of manufacturers more than ever.