‘Sixty Frickin’ Years’ — Time to Pass the Energy Bill

By December 4, 2006Energy

Just got off a press call hosted by Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) and Rep. John Peterson (R-PA), talking about the energy bill, up for a vote tomorrow. Joining them on the call were Rep. Charlie Melancon (D-LA) and Sens. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) and Mel Martinez (R-FL).

Lots of good info on the call. Among the good points made:

  • Sen. Landrieu: “Sen. Domenici and I are proud of pulling together a very diverse coalition, Republicans and D’s from many different parts of the country, led primarily by the Senators along the Gulf Coast to establish a partnership that has been in place with Interior states since the 1920’s. [This bill] Opens 8.3 m acres of new land. This is real, is enough to fuel a thousand chemical plants for 40 years. We need that gas and oil now…This is a manufacturers’ bill, this is a jobs bill. This is not an oil and gas bill.”
  • Rep. Peterson: ” It’s vital that we pass this bill because the country needs this energy. We are making companies that depend on natural gas non-competitive, as we have the highest natural gas prices in the world. When we pay $70 a barrel for oil, we do that with the rest of the world. When we pay high gas prices, we do it alone. We must [pass this bill] or America will not compete in the global conomy….as energy prices chase jobs out of here…Those who think major industries can continue to do business here with these energy prices need to go back to school.”
  • Sen. Alexander: “Congratulations to Rep. Peterson for his leadership on this issue. I’ve been in 50 Tennessee counties, heard as much about natural gas as about immigration. This is a big issue for everyone.”
  • Interestingly, in response to a question about whether passage of this bill would take the pressure off the 110th Congress to do anything about this issue, Sen. Landrieu said, “There’s a growing view within the Democratic party that understands that this country needs more oil, gas and energy sources, and more drilling in areas where it will be acceptable. I think there will be a growing grass roots interest in this country to seek additional opportunities. I am personally committed to that, and know many Democratic leaders are, too.” If true, this is certainly encouraging.

    However, the line of the day came when they asked Sen. Landrieu that if this bill has to proceed according to “regular order”, why they wouldn’t allow amendments to it. (Rep. Peterson already noted that since the Senate has signaled that they won’t accept any changes in their bill, any amendment would effectively kill the bill). Sen. Landrieu — her exasperation showing through her otherwise-good humor said, “Everybody’s had their say on this issue. We’ve been debating this in Louisiana for 60 frickin’ years. It’s time to vote.”

    All we can add to Sen. Landrieu’s comments is “Amen.” Sixty frickin’ years is long enough. It’s time to vote.

    Click here to tell your Representative to vote for this bill.

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