Senators Attempt to Muzzle Global Warming Debate

By December 19, 2006Global Warming

Not sure if any of you followed the extraordinary letter sent by Sens. Rockefeller (D-WV) and Snowe (R-ME) to Exxon-Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson back in October, urging him to stop funding any group that disagrees with the global warming theory. It was a fairly incredible attempt to impinge on some pretty basic First Amendment rights, and reminded us of “Fidel” Lockyer’s attempts earlier this year to do the same.

Now comes a former Margaret Thatcher adviser, saying in a letter to them that these two Senators have defied “every tenet of democracy” in demanding that all dissent be squelched. Truth is, he’s not far off in his characterization.

If indeed this is science, then it should be debated, no? Lots of people — lots of scientists — disagree with the global warming hypothesis. Just look here and here to see for yourself. We say let the debate go forward, but let it go forward in the most informed and open way possible. Here’s a link to an excellent Wall Street Journal editorial on the Rockefeller-Snowe letter, and here’s a link to Senate Environment Committee Chair Jim Inhofe’s letter to the Journal on the same topic.

Declaring the debate “over” when it is far from there, and squelching public debate is no way to guarantee the best policy outcomes. We sure don’t fear the implications of all the science, all the facts, being presented. No one else should, either.

As we’ve said before, let the debate begin.