Q&A With Rep. John Dingell

By December 22, 2006Global Warming

Somebody sent us this Q&A from Grist with once and future House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman John Dingell (D-MI) for what he said about climate change:

” Q. So you don’t believe the scientific consensus on global warming is established at this point?

A. This country, this world, the [human] race of which you and I are a part, is great at having consensuses that are in great error. And so I want to get the scientific facts, and find out what the situation is, and find out what is the cure, and find out what is the cure that is acceptable to the country that I represent and serve.”

We thought that was pretty great, and pretty insightful. Then we read on, to what Dingell had to say about the auto industry and the ripple effect of manufacturing:

“One job in 10 in this country is in the auto industry. Most people don’t know that. The auto industry is the biggest user of carpets produced in the Carolinas. The auto industry is the biggest user of glass produced in Pittsburgh. The autos are the biggest consumer of steel. The autos are tremendous users of plastic. And they’ve got, I think, about four computers in an automobile. Now, you can be quite calm about destituting Detroit, but do you want to shut down Silicon Valley and North Carolina and the Gulf Coast and Pittsburgh and other places that are heavily dependent on this? Plus the transportation industry that moves these cars around?”

We’d recommend the entire interview, full of pithy comments from “Big John.”

And, allow us a personal observation, if you will: The blogger-in-chief was a Republican appointee who testified before Chairman Dingell a number of years ago, not typically a coveted role for Republican appointees. But we found Dingell to be tremendously supportive and fair with us during our time before him, was great to work with. We look forward to working with him again.

And, like we said, check out the full interview. Some good stuff here from a very wise man with many, many years in the saddle.