On the Lake: Skills Needed in Ohio

By December 18, 2006General

Good, brief, to-the-point report on the “skills gap” in The Sandusky Register, datelined Huron:

If you are a skilled machinist, welder or electrician, the options for employment around the region or country are great, according to the National Association of Manufacturers, which conducted a survey last year of 800 companies with more than 80 percent of the respondents claiming they were experiencing a shortage of skilled trade workers.

Highly skilled manufacturing jobs and employment in the nursing and medical industry are areas to which people should be paying attention, said Debralee Divers, admissions and financial aid director at BGSU Firelands, after a recent career fair at the school.

Nursing courses and industrial technology classes are just some of the offerings at the school, which could lead to jobs at hospitals or manufacturers paying more than $12 an hour, she said.

BGSU=Bowling Green State University Firelands. Neat name for a school.

Speaking of pay, we note that the average manufacturing job in Ohio paid $48,205 plus benefits in 2005, compared to the average wage in the state of $36,830 (state factsheet here in pdf format).

And for what it’s worth, the newspaper’s website features a graphical interface new to us, Active Paper by Olive Software. You can see the front page of the newspaper as it appears in hard copy, and then click to the individual story to read it online. Takes some getting used to. (How’s that for an insight?)