New Laws! New Laws! New Laws!

By December 22, 2006General

Happy New Year, everyone! Across the nation, new state laws go into effect on January 1, 2007. Put out that cigarette! has the particulars in this story, drawing from work by the National Conference of State Legislatures.

We’re left with two impressions from the legislative summary: First, that if a problem arises, apparently the default position — the knee-jerk reaction, if you will — is to pass a new law to expand government spending and authority. Are there no alternatives?

Second, the American system of federalism retains its brilliance, allowing states to address their own problems in their own ways (and noting the first point, to make their own mistakes).

Nothing too much in this story about manufacturing-related legislation. States have increased the minimum wage, but that affects very few workers in the manufacturing economy. The story does point out that Governor Schwarzenegger’s over-reaching, jobs-killing, scientifically-spitballing and politically repositioning law to limit CO2 emissions goes into effect January 1. We blogged on the law previously here and here.