NAM is There As the President Signs Tax and Trade Bills

By December 21, 2006General

NAM President John Engler and our tax expert, Monica McGuire, hustled out of our press conference yesterday to make the brisk three-block walk in the chilly air to the White House for the signing of HR 6111, the Tax Relief and Health Care Act of 2006. You’ll recall this was the one that passed in the waning minutes of the 109th Congress thanks to the push from so many manufacturers out there in America.

This bill extends some 20 tax cuts, thus continuing to power the economy. Remember that these tax cuts have led to all-time high government tax receipts as spending and investment have increased. The bill also allows us to tap our own energy resources,m which our competitors are already doing in their countries. HR 6111 opened more markets to US-manufactured goods and made health savings accounts more flexible and this more attractive. Here’s a link to the transcript from today’s White House bill signing.

Hot on the heels of unveiling our agenda for the 110th Congress, it was gratifying to be celebrating key victories from the 109th. We’ll need the voice of manufacturing more than ever when the new Congress re-convenes.