Lou Dobbs, On a Xenophobic High

By December 9, 2006Dobbs Watch

Dobbs WatchWe had nodded off apparently when Lou called us out on his show on Wednesday night. Thanks to the folks over at the Business and Media Institute for calling our attention to it.

Lou said that an “NAM spokesman” (we’re not sure who yet) “Admits American manufacturers have a lot of problems. Then seemingly says, Don’t worry.” Not sure we’ve ever said that. We’ve said we should worry plenty about the self-imposed costs we are putting on ourselves, giving us a 33% cost disadvantage with our competitors. Then Lou went on to rant, “NAM wouldn’t mind if foreign manufacturers owned 98 percent of the American market, so long as it is expanding. That’s precisely the kind of mindless, faith-based free trade nonsense that’s landed the country in the mess we’re in.”

Good God, get a grip, man!

What we’ve said — from the data (anybody care about the data?) — is that the Bureau of Labor Statistics says that about 42,000 jobs (out of a workforce of about 150 million) have been “offshored.” By comparison, we know from the Organization for International Investment that over 5 million jobs have been created by so-called “foreign” companies doing business in the US.

Furthermore, 70 percent of U.S. “multinational” company production is right here in the U.S. Only 27 percent takes place overseas — for foreign consumption- – and only 3 percent is produced overseas for shipment back to the U.S. Kinda blows a hole in the xenophobic view that it’s all gone to China to be manufactured and shipped back here, doesn’t it?

In any event, we’re always glad when Lou brings a little more attention to our great organization. We’ve long since given up on any hope that he’d be limited by the facts. But we are happy to be — especially when they’re so heavily weighted on our side, as here.

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  • John bello says:

    Hello.this is in response to Alexa’s post of December 12th

    Lou dobbs is a wealthy man..as are 95% of those who serve in Congress and the Executive branch..is your point that only a person of middle class means can stand up? If so, the middle class is doomed..Lou Dobbs is dead on and has bipartisan support in Washington..the current trade policy of this country is not only destroying the middle class, but is a threat to our national security..one has to go no further than the current chairman of The House Arms Services Committee to understand this FACT..Duncan Hunter, a Republican..has it right also..NAM..well, again, they are an advocate of corporate managed trade for obvious reasons..it may be best that you ask Pat Cleary for a list of the largest members..if it is your opinion that the wealthy are not equiped to comment on or support the middle class, then Pat Cleary and NAM are certainly NOT for you..

    Best Regards,

  • Pat Cleary says:

    R. Lawson:

    Why, yes, I do. Do you have better data? Pls cite it if you do. And, I’m not aware of any suppressed reports. What was in it, a third gunman theory? Do tell.

    Finally, most of our companies are HQ’d here, large and small. Some are HQ’d overseas but have large operations here and pay a fair amount in US taxes — and employ over 5.1 million Americans who also pay taxes. Should we just put up a wall and not allow foreign investment?

    Thanks for writing,

    Pat Cleary

  • R. Lawson says:

    You don’t possibly believe the BLS data that just 40,000 jobs have been offshored do you?

    That is the number of jobs that they can PROVE have been sent offshore. Offshoring not only results in jobs here being moved offshore, but it limits the growth of our workforce because jobs are created there, instead of here. Also, the full commerce report on offshoring was suppressed by this administration. Go figure.

    I’m not xenophobic – meaning I am not afraid of what other nations will do. I am certain that they will act in their own interests, which is understandable.

    I am MORE concerned about what OUR government will do to spur both job growth and economic growth. My guess is that unless we act, they will continue to introduce lop-sided trade agreements that puts us further in debt.

    You released several statistics – which of those can be backed by independent studies? Also, what percent of NAM companies are American own companies, incorporated in America, and pay taxes in America – and what percent are either multinational corporations or incorporated in countries like Jamaica in order to avoid taxes?

  • Alexa Jones says:

    Well let me ask Mr. Lou Dobbs:

    I agree with you the corporations has, as you said and I quote “Declare a war against the middle class” but I never seem to hear any discussion about the corporate dominance of American media on your show.

    “The idea”, that we the middle class can trust your reporting which you claims are “just facts” when you yourself work for one of the biggest media corporations — Time Warner Cable, is an obvious conflict of interest.

    Also, in the interest of full disclosure to support your assertion that you are a “true friend” of middle class would you like to disclose on your show or on your website the details of your contract with CNN? The middle class would like to know what share their “best friend” makes from the big pie, the big corporations makes at the expense of middle class.

    If you do fulfill these basic requests, I once and for all, believe that you are our true friend.