‘It just didn’t taste avocadoey.’

By December 1, 2006Briefly Legal

We wish this were a Friday Follies, but it’s not. Sadly it’s all too true. It’s an AP story about a woman who has sued Kraft Foods because their avocado dip (in her view) “doesn’t qualify as guacamole.”

“It just didn’t taste avocadoey,” says the plaintiff, Brenda Lifsey. Is “avacadoey” even a word? Is that like “artichokey”? Of course she is seeking class action status — presumably finding common ground with all other plaintiffs similarly situated, similarly damaged irreparably by stuff that wasn’t quite avacadoey enough.

This is funny, and it’s not. Yet another manufacturer will have to fight yet another frivolous lawsuit, along the way to making us the undisputed world leaders in tort costs, part of the 33% cost burden we suffer vs. our competitors. We need some common sense built into the legal process, common sense that would stop idiotic claims like this from proceeding.

Maybe Ms. Lifsey’s brain is a little too avacadoey.