Is This Somebody’s Idea of Peer Review?

By December 1, 2006Global Warming

In a fairly desperate move timed to coincide with the Supreme Court’s hearing of the global warming case this week, a strange liberal-left brew of unions and enviros have weighed in. This is one of those deals where you don’t have the science so you get a bunch of folks who represent a group of people that includes all sorts of folks, including some scientists, and let them do the bidding for you.

Here’s the deal: A group calling itself the Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER), a group of union chiefs that represent EPA employees at all levels — including a few scientists, no doubt (and presumably clerks and janitors), filed “a mass petition for action” (whatever the heck that is) on global warming. It is a new low, even for the left. They claim this is a “petition by 10,000 scientists.” This is a little, uh, dishonest. It’s a petition by 22 union officials who collectively represent a portion of 10,000 people. This is what’s known in the business as a “stretch.” This is almost as bad as the “Union of Concerned Scientists,” which is really none of the three.

The truth is, the closer collaboration between public sector unions and the enviros is a dangerous trend that jeopardizes the jobs of their private sector union brethren. But as the number of private sector union members dwindles, it’s the public sector types calling the tune, as evidenced by this most recent stunt.

So next time you read about another 10,000 scientists taking a position on an issue like global warming, better take a closer look. You may find that as in this case, that 10,000 looks a lot more like 22 — all with a powerful political agenda.

Maybe this is their idea of “peer review.”

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