Irony of Ironies: The WaPo Touts the ‘Card Check’ Bill

By December 23, 2006Labor Unions

Sorry we didn’t run this yesterday — got caught up in another office Christmas party, and it was a busy shopping day, getting those last few items, before shopping a little bit more today and tomorrow.

The WaPo wrote a long, rambling editorial about capitalism, or so they said. In fact, it was a weepy tribute to the anti-democracy “card check” bill, the one that will allow unions to win recognition without an election, and by using coercion. Heck, if we wanted this kind of democracy, we’d just go see Fidel Castro. Or that guy in North Korea.

This is ironic in that the WaPo “Pressmen’s Strike” of yore still stands as one of the greatest labor disputes of all time, with the WaPo taking a very strong stance in an effort to break the union. Today, they are known as bare-knuckle labor negotiators and they are having internal union troubles right now as they try to force their reporters to appear on their fledgling and flailing radio station. So forgive us if we tire of hearing the WaPo lecture us all about the importance of unions.

But lecture they do, pointing out all the canards from the AFL-CIO talking points (WaPo editorial page editor Fred Hiatt and AFL-CIO General Counsel John Hiatt are brothers, after all), including our favorite that, “polls suggest that between 30 and 50 percent of nonunion workers would choose union representation if they had a chance to vote for it.” First, we think that’s a little high and second, would the AFL allow the 30-50% of current union members who don’t like their union to opt out? Of course not. As we’ve noted before, this is the Roach Motel — or the Mob — you can get in, you just can’t get out.

Bottom line is we still think the card check bill is a lousy idea. We prefer democracy.