‘Inconvenient Truth’: Can’t Give it Away

By December 19, 2006Global Warming

You’ll recall when we last left Hollywood spouse, apparently climatologist and hypocrite Laurie David, she was trying to give away 50,000 copies of Al Gore’s film to the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA). The NSTA, being science teachers after all and no doubt seeing this political film for what it is, said, “No thanks,” figuring they’d just stick with the science.

So now the WaPo reports that “scores of teachers from across the country e-mailed David in support of the movie, asking for copies.” Note that it doesn’t say “science” teachers. Figure a few million teachers out there, “scores” is pretty puny. But don’t worry, says the story, a few other organizations like the National Gardening Association and the United Steelworkers have offered to help distribute the film.

We can understand the Gardening Association, but the United Steelworkers? Nothing like working against their own members’ interests, making it tougher to make steel here in the US of A and chasing jobs to places where they could care less about the environment. Smart. No wonder they’re shrinking.

David says she’ll make it available free to the first 50,000 who ask for it. The story quotes one teacher as saying, Having a chance to review at least some segments of ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ with my students will allow the students to make their own educated decisions about their own lifestyles and the effects that they may have on our planet’s future.” Really? A science teacher who commented on our earlier piece said, “NTSA could give it to me as a gift and I still wouldn’t show it in my classroom–I reserve my valuable class time for science, thanks.”

What we’d rather see is for teachers of science to show Al’s film and then show a film that presents the facts controverting his theory and let the kids decide for themselves. If you’re teaching science, that would be the better way to go, no?

But then, guess we wouldn’t want a whole generation thinking for themselves, would we?