Ice Age: Take a Break from Global Warming

By December 5, 2006Global Warming

Thanks to the History Channel, you can take a break from global warming hysteria tonight at 8 p.m. and watch their documentary, “The Little Ice Age: Big Chill.”

Remember that many — if not most — climatologists believe that weather and climate patterns are cyclical. Heck, even Newsweek and Time predicted a coming ice age a few short decades ago. That’s the wink of an eye in terms of the earth’s history. But then that hysteria got drowned out by Al Gore’s hysteria, and so we’re off on that one now.

In any event, might make for some good viewing and, as we said, maybe a nice respite from all the global warming hype. Why not put on a sweater and watch it?

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  • Dan says:

    The thing that many are failing to understand is that the Earth has been much warmer, Ice ages and we in a larger sense are STILL in an Ice age, have been a recent thing, we still are in an Ice Age in the sense we are in an Inter-Galactical point, with resumption of the recent spread of ice on the way, in fact if human’s actions had not modified climate as much as it has we already woould be sliding into the next Ice advance.

    In the Past for greater times and even a long time
    the earth was ice free at poles, the global Temp was 5+ degrees more then at PRESENT and life was fine… A rise in global temp would not kill off humans, it would disrupt civilization but not necessary kill us off.

    Theres also evidence that before resumption of each Ice epoch, theres a WARMING up, it triggers more evaporation which increases rain and snowfalls, the melting of Caps creates changes in way ocean currents move, so a warming up can trigger the over due resumption of the Ice age we are still In.

  • jordan says:

    I think that global warming needs to be stoped at all causes. This might be the biggest crisis that our children and our children’s children have to face. THis can be an opportunity to save our earth. I feel very strong about this topic and I hope you people do to. Governments should get together and dicuss this. Theyshould pass laws to help protact our future.
    I hope you read this with concern.its inevetably a valid point.
    Thank you for your time

  • mark says:

    Either way, global warming will put an end to humanity, be it by sparking an ice age, or turning the world into a desert. Al Gore’s hysteria? Hah! How about George Dubya’s denial. An inconvenient truth for Republicans indeed. Except for the next president McCain. He knows enough to give a darn about stopping global warming!

  • Larry Saltzman says:

    Your shortsighted and irrational disbelief in science where global warming is concerned is unconscienable and immoral. Failure to address global warming will cost manufacturing far more money than responsibly confronting this crisis. I intend, and hopefully others will follow to pay close attention to your membership and not use their products, whenever possible.