I Need Keith Richards to Keep Me Happy Birthday

By December 18, 2006Culture and Entertainment

It’s nearing the end of the workday, but before they make me run, let me join other Rolling Stone fans here at the NAM to wish happy birthday to Keith Richards, celebrating his 63rd today. It gives us great satisfaction to do so.

Richards certainly appreciates things American, with the rest of the Rolling Stones adopting, adapting and popularizing the R&B and blues in Britain and then across the globe. And, Keith also appreciates the fine American craftsmanship of our manufactured products. Take, for example, the Fender Telecaster.

Twenty-five years ago today Keith used his Telecaster to ward off — well, beat down, actually — a fan who was rushing Mick on stage during a performance of “Satisfaction.” Keith recalls: “(A) Telecaster is a damn good club, you know. My only problem for that moment, did I put him too far over Charlies’s drums so that I would screw up the drumming? But I didn’t. And the guitar was still in tune.”

In tune? Really? Sure, see so for yourself. And Keith bailed the fan out afterward.

Happy birthday, Keith. We know it’s only rock ‘n roll, but we like it.

UPDATE: Clicking through to YouTube link of Richards’ throttling the fan video doesn’t seem to work. Here’s the direct url for cutting and pasting:

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