Happy Birthday, Rich Galen!

By December 21, 2006General

We heard that Rich Galen is celebrating a milestone birthday today so we felt the need to pile on. Rich has been writing his thrice-weekly Mullings column since 1998. One could say that it was one of the first political blogs out there, but, as Rich is quick to point, he doesn’t write a blog. If you don’t subscribe to his column, you should (but not if it means forgetting to read Shopfloor.org). His columns are very insightful and often a chief source of news for many in and outside of your nation’s capitol.

We don’t think he’s quite as old as the Oldest Blogger on Earth, but as he points out in his column, when he was born:

There were no satellites (Sputnik was still a decade away) and cable was something which stretched under the Atlantic ocean so you could book a call to England with an overseas operator who would ring you on your black, bakelite dial phone when a circuit became available.

Rich has been a frequent speaker at various NAM events and has always provided very insightful commentary. We’ve known him for some time now and are pleased to wish him a great day. Happy Birthday Rich! Keep up the great work!