Gerald R. Ford Jr., 1913 – 2006

By December 27, 2006General

Today we mark the passing of former President Gerald R. Ford, Jr., a man thrust into the national limelight, who governed during some very turbulent times. He left those times much less turbulent than he found them, serving as he did with great integrity and principle.

NAM President — and fellow Michigander — John Engler issued the following statement upon learning of the death of this great man:

“President Ford was a man of integrity, of strength and of courage. In a very divisive time, his decency and his leadership restored trust and rescued the Republic. President Ford always put his country first, regardless of cost, politically or personally. He did what he thought was right not just what was popular.”

“To Betty and the entire Ford family, we thank you for your remarkable husband and father who gave his all for his country. May a grateful nation remember his service and the sacrifices of your family. We pray that God will grant President Ford eternal peace and comfort you in the days ahead.”