From PBS: Dim Sun on the Menu

By December 28, 2006Global Warming

Tonight on reliably lefty PBS you can find a show, “Dimming the Sun” about — not sure we got this right but here goes — how “global dimming” caused by air pollution is actually reducing the temperature of the planet by almost two degrees Fahrenheit. This according to climate gadfly and media darling James Hansen. So what is it — are we warming or cooling? We gotta know what to be scared about.

Hansen says that as we cut back on pollution, the global dimming will stop and guess what comes next? A whole heckuva lot of warmed over inconvenient truth. It’s a kinda warming-cooling-warming thingy. As Ralph Kramden would say, “Hummina, hummina, hummina….” It’s enough to make a real scientist go batty.

We did a little research ourselves this Christmas season, viewing some climate video archives. We found evidence that back in the 50’s up at General Waverly’s place, the Columbia Inn in Pine Tree, Vermont, it was 68 degrees in late December. There was no squawking about warming or cooling, just a rollicking chorus of “White Christmas” when at last it began to snow.

So let Hansen talk bout the cooling-as-warming climate doppleganger. Us? We’ll follow the old man wherever he wants to go.

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  • Your ignorance of the science is appaling. There are some forces that cool the planet (eg. sulfer, particulates, volcanic eruptions) and there are some forces that warm the planet (eg. CO2, methane). The balance between the two drives the climate. It’s not an either/or proposition. Climate gadfly and media darling? Please. Hansen is one of the most respected anbd accomplished scientists in the field.His work has withstood the test of time, unlike,say Fred Singer, who after years of telling us “there is no warming” has finally decided that warming is real and unstoppable. Which is it, Fred?

  • Michael Zak says:

    Less global warming – shouldn’t that be good? On the contrary, the NOVA alarmists tell us, less global warming will be “a heightened climate crisis.”