Friday Follies: Warning Label Generator

By December 1, 2006Friday Follies

Friday FolliesNot sure who sent us this one, but on our first visit to the site earlier this week, we spent way too much time, finding it totally habit-forming and at times finding the results laugh-out-loud funny. It’s a site that allows you to generate your own warning label. That includes “Warning,” “Caution,” “Be Careful,” and a host of other messages. To each you can affix an international warning symbol and then type in your own message. So you can warn against slippery facts, global warming, or even Godzilla.

Let your imagination run and make your warning. Perhaps a toxic warning with a gas mask for your teenager’s room (or Patrick Gavin’s apartment), or the skull and crossbones for the office ‘fridge.

You get the idea. Click here to try out the Warning Label Generator, this week’s Friday Follies.