Friday Follies: Bad Cover Letters

By December 8, 2006Friday Follies

Friday FolliesSomebody sent this along to us from Killian Advertising Company, who keeps track of some of the really awful cover letters they have received. And, as you’ll see, some are really awful. Remember, too, that these are coming from folks who want a job with the company. And so, it’s hard to believe that one would say, “I am a motivated, self-igniting person who greatly entertains the challenges of bettering myself and the performance of work that I do.” Self-igniting? We hope not.

And then there’s this one, “Who’s better to spew out incite, than a college senior … ?” Who indeed.

In any event, you will be shocked — or maybe not — to see some of the whoppers in this compilation, a tribute to the great educational system in this country, the gift that keeps on giving.

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  • Richard Becker says:

    Functionally illiterate college graduates, and the lack of a skilled and
    educated direct labor workforce, are the products of the dysfunctional “schooling system” that replaced true education in the late ’60s. A
    problem that is the subject of my education reform efforts as a former high school Industrial Education teacher, with knowledge and experience
    in manufacturing and machining prior to college ’60-’65 for the BS

    Instead of spending money on a failed system in the quest for improved
    education, the key is to recognize the current system a failure and
    return to that which existed to serve the nation well before being
    replaced by the present schooling system.