ExxonMobil Responds

By December 20, 2006Global Warming

We mentioned yesterday the imbroglio last month triggered by a letter from Sens. Rockefeller and Snowe to ExxonMobil, apparently aimed at — no pun intended — chilling the global warming debate.

We got a copy of ExxonMobil Vice President Ken Cohen’s excellent reply. In it, he lays out exactly what their position is and notes their wide array of activities on the issue of climate change. Its a little embarrassing that whoever stuck poor Rockefeller and Snowe out in front did not have this information before they sent their attempted gag order.

Like we said yesterday, mark us down as in favor of debate and discourse. We see no need to cut off debate on an issue about which there are many divergent views.

Here’s a link to Ken Cohen’s letter. Let’s hope the US Senate remains open-minded on this most complex issue.

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  • Michael Zak says:

    Perhaps the people currently buried under two feet of snow in Colorado will dissent from the Rockefeller/Snowe orthodoxy on global warming — if they dare.