Energy Bill Vote Expected Today: Take Action

By December 5, 2006Energy

As we mentioned yesterday, the energy bill will likely be voted on this morning. They need two-thirds of those present to vote “aye” to pass it.

Folks are lining up to support it. The American Farm Bureau weighed in yesterday. As Rep. Peterson mentioned in the conference call, due to the soaring prices of natural gas, “Fertilizer prices have tripled, farmers won’t be able to grow the corn we need to make alternative fuels.” it really is a vicious circle. Thanks to the Farm Bureau for weighing in.

Yesterday, former Speaker Newt Gingrich weighed in with this op-ed in the Washington Times, calling the bill “An Important First Step.” Meanwhile, Sen. Landrieu was busy rapping the “disinformation” that’s being spread about this bill. As she’s been saying, this is a manufacturers’ bill. Every manufacturer who relies on natural gas — and that’s all of them, to one degree or another — knows how true this is.

Here’s a copy of the Key Vote letter we sent to the Hill, advising all that their vote on this bill will be considered as a Key Manufacturing Vote. Please drop your Representative a note and remind them that if they really care about manufacturing, they need to pass this bill. This is an uphill battle, since we need a two-thirds vote, but if manufacturers keep weighing in as they have been, we just might get it done.