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By December 10, 2006Dobbs Watch

Dobbs WatchTwo more articles about Lou to report, sent to us of late by some of his, uh, non-fans. The first is by Daniel Henninger, deputy editor of the Wall Street Journal, who says:

“Old admirers [of Lou] are aghast. It’s as if whatever made Linda Blair’s head spin around in ‘The Exorcist’ had invaded the body of Lou Dobbs and left him with the brain of Dennis Kucinich. No public figure has moved so far left so fast since the transfiguration of Arianna Huffington.”

The piece is subtitled, “The good thing about his demagoguery: It can’t be taken seriously,” and notes as we have in this space many times that Lou — a Harvard-trained economist — is an entertainer, in it for the ratings. Bully for him.

The other piece is from Barron’s, and is written by Gene Epstein. He points out some statistical legerdemain in Lou’s book, twisting some numbers to draw a conclusion more in line with his dogma. Says Epstein, “It’s time to call Dobbs’ economic demagogy what it is.”

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  • James Cann says:

    Here’s a great article on the transformation of Lou dobbs. From all places The Nation.

  • maria bulat says:

    Did you say Lou Dobbs has the brain of Dennis Kucinich? How beautiful, we have two
    intelligent people with pure minds and heart to save mankind-

    I say Dennis Kucinich for President and Lou Dobbs for Vice President. America and the world will finally have PEACE, no more hunger and wars.