Dobbs Thin-Skinned?

By December 19, 2006Dobbs Watch

Dobbs WatchAs you may know, our buddy Lou Dobbs drifted down to sunny Tampa last week for one of his infamous whip-’em-up town hall meetings. And so local commentator, pundit — and blogger — Eric Deggans who writes “The Feed” for decided to get a phone interview with Lou.

Unfortunately for Deggans, it turned out poorly. Seems he had the temerity to ask Lou a few tough questions about the Ken Auletta profile we noted here a week or so ago. (A profile, incidentally which seems to have “borrowed” our transcript of the Tom Friedman on Lou Dobbs comment — without attribution. Tsk!). In any event, Deggans asked Lou about that article and apparently Dobbs took great umbrage and began insulting Deggans.

In response to comments on Deggans’ blog, he reports that Lou said things to him like, “I thought you were a better journalist than that.” or “Ask me a question that makes some sense.” Or “That’s just dishonest…you’re absolutely being dishonest.” Funny, these are all the questions that rational minds have had for Lou since he went from being a business reporter to populist jihadist.

Could it be that Lou can dish it out but can’t take it? Gosh, we hope not. That would be terrible for his ratings.