‘Cuba Taps Natural Gas as Energy Source’

By December 28, 2006Energy

Thanks to one of our regular and sharp-eyed blog readers for sending this along. We were one of the first to note that Castro can tap natural gas off our coast but we can’t.

As you can see from this article, Cuba is busy getting to the natural gas and oil that is there. They’re doing what all our competitors are doing, i.e., tapping their own energy. We’re the only ones with a moratorium. We’ve made progress on that front but this is a reminder that we need to keep pressing. Recent legislation opens up some of the Outer Continental Shelf, but there’s more to do.

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  • Deadly Friend says:

    Burying the hachet in skulls of Fidel and Raoul Castro would be a good start.

  • Thanks for this note. For the past six and a half years I’ve operated a Yahoo news group focusing on Cuba and readers here who wish to follow Cuba may with to check out the CubaNews list, a free service through Yahoo.

    My father and his parents lived in Cuba during World War II, though he met my mom here and I was born here in 1944.

    It’s really time to bury the hatchet and normalize relations. We’ve done it with China and we’ve done it with Cuba, though 58,000 American soldiers lost their lives in Vietnam. Not one U.S. soldier has ever lost their lives in Cuba.

    Read more about the news group: